VLOG #3 – tech tool edition. Google Keep for cloud-based, share-able/collaborative notes and list

We didn’t do a post for vlog #2 – about being annoyed, so watch that here. Google Apps are Amazing but… “Google is abysmal at being amazing!” So few gmail users know the myriad of apps they have access to. Google has done a horrible job of showing what’s available and how to best use […]

Matthew Moran’s VLOG #1 – The dogs, Griffith Observatory, climbing and a fall

I’ve been challenges… and challenged again.. and re-challenged to create my vlog for.. oh.. I don’t know.. 7 years. The focus of the vlog is: life, songwriting, tech, hiking, dogs, life, and everyday adventures. VLOG #1: climbing plus Griffith Park Observatory, the dogs, and climbing

Songwriting tips plus dissecting a song line by line

Videocast: Throw Away The Box #3 It took me until Friday afternoon to publish my Thursday morning update. Don’t ask… well… I cover songwriting tips, including: My thoughts on critique groups How I find the right lyric Avoiding easy or obvious rhymes Writing the last line first and more.. Finally, I dissect my song, “Do It […]

My exercise in productivity and hacking your focus – Throw Away The Box #2

How to be as productive as possible Well.. I’m doing some exercises in productivity and focus. I was listening to Tim Ferriss’ podcast. He discusses 5 rituals he does to “win” his day. Tim’s 5 things Make his bed Meditate Hang Tea Journal My things (less quantified) Make my bed Clear my coffee space Exercise Log […]

Fear of getting started and procrastination. Throw Away The Box #1

What are you afraid of Matt? Plenty, it turns out. I’m not afraid of snakes or sharks. I am a bit skittish of spiders and cockroaches. I’m probably most afraid of exposing my creative/artistic pursuits. This surprises people as I speak publicly, perform my music, write articles and blogs.. But, I’ve been talking about a […]

What Tomatoes Can Teach Us About Encouragement

I was inspired to start a garden after visiting my daughter in Phoenix and I talk about it here. [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W3cDvxCmfd8] I mention Ron Finley’s TED Talk about turning food deserts into food gardens. Worth watching for sure. And my daughter writes about Hope House Farms and why she needs the farm more than it needs her. […]

My book gets some reviews.. both bad and good, plus other stuff

There is a danger in reading book reviews…. well.. specifically, my own book’s review. In this video I talk about a bad review, a good review, my content schedule, and some t-shirts for my song, This Star-Spangled Life of Mine. Per the video.. my content schedule is (for now): Monday: Video update (what’s coming up […]