CD Project

Yes.. I am recording a new project. I have tentatively titled it.. Where I Belong

Read about the songs and more notes about the project here.

Read the Lyrics here.

However, no sooner had I decided upon my songs than controversy and dispute surfaced. Debi Brady – who helped me with my last project – the design and CD notes, said, “I like the title, ‘everyday lies’.” An argument ensued.. okay, not really.. but I decided, we should have this out.

And so here we are. Everyone who takes part in the contest – and provides an email address to help me name it, will get the entire CD as a high-quality download. Whether your selection becomes the title or not.

Take a listen to the DEMO versions of both songs (below) and vote using the form below (or linked).


listen to Where I Belong
listen to everday lies

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