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I used to maintain a site called,, where I posted tutorials and tips on technologies, tools, and strategies for performing songwriters and bands; everything from converting audio files to planning and marketing a tour.

I coach many musicians and give a number of workshops to musicians and professional music groups. These are typically pro bono (unpaid) engagements. I do this because I am also a musician, songwriter, and performer. I see a lot of the challenges that they face. It is my way to give back a little bit.

But so much of what I teach overlaps and is the same as what I teach my entrepreneur and business clients. It makes no sense to divert energy to a completely different site. And one of my first lessons is to consolidated when possible and save time. I’m taking my advice.

I will use this site – at least for now. I have a category, Music Business but it is just as likely that you will benefit from my regular coaching or tools and tips categories as well.

And certainly, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to send them to me or leave them in the comments.

Keep rocking!

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