Matthew Moran is a Los Angeles based songwriter, author, technologist, and more. He performs solo acoustic shows and with his band, Arrogant Sage.

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Matthew Moran performing with Arrogant Sage

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My most recent music project is available for free download


I've been working with Reaper a bit more. This is my most recent recording. I'm working on another self-produced CD as well as a studio project with the band.

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old man yells at cloud - politics and technology

Giuliani’s Twitter Conspiracy – idiocy & ignorance or incitement

We could also title this: The journey from America’s Mayor to spittle-dripping, frothy-mouthed, ignorant conspiracy-theory uttering village idiot. Or, perhaps just a planned liar. Giuliani’s Tweet Back on Nov 30th, Rudy Giuliani tweeted (an untruthful one at that) about the Mueller investigation and Trump leaving for the G-20 summit. Inadvertently, he did not include a […]

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songwriter communities in los angeles

FAR-West Conference and Songwriters in Los Angeles

FAR-West Conference 2018 This weekend I will be attending the FAR-West conference in Woodland Hills, CA. A couple two or three hundred musicians, songwriters, venue owners, promoters, etc. While Folk music figures prominently, Folk is/has, like most musical genres, experienced a broadening over the past several years – including more blues, rock, country, and even […]

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