2011, The Band, The Plan, and You!

I’m not much of a New Year’s resolution kind of guy but I would like to start the new year with some news and some plans. And then what I would love from passionate listeners. The first issue at hand is to introduce you more or less formally to the band.

Elliot Turret (lead guitar), Tom Galella (drums, vocals), Matt Moran (guitar, vocals),
Leif Pederson (bass, vocals), Kelly Irelan (vocals, keys)

We will be redoing a lot of the website’s content. Not so much the look but I am doing a lot more performing and work with the band than as a solo performer and I want that reflected here… the band works hard to create a great sound!

The Lineup:
Matt Moran – vocals, guitar, songwriting
Tom Galella – drums, vocals
Leif Pedersen – bass, vocals
Elliot Turret – lead guitar
Kelly Irelan – vocals, keyboard, guitar

The Plan:
Right now, it’s simple. Create a dynamic show, excellent music, good energy, and get booked in YOUR town.

We are starting with Southern California – from Santa Barbara down to Orange County. We are working with some venues and our team to play a certain area every 4-12 weeks.

In the meantime, we plan to record – first a 4 song EP but then quickly add songs to form a 11 song CD/project. We also have some new t-shirt designs and other merchandise you can get at shows or on the website.

The most important team member is you. The passionate listener (aka: fan). The first thing you need to do is listen and enjoy! If you do nothing else, we are grateful for the opportunity.

After that, we do need a small army to help us get our music to as many people as possible.  Here is what we need:

  • Venues! If you know of a good venue and can help us get some bodies through their door, let us know. Better yet, if you know the venue owner, make the introduction for us.
  • Come to a show! We promise a great experience. Grab a friend or two (or 10) and come on out. See the schedule for more information.
  • Spread the word! Music does not spread naturally, it takes people telling people. So… tell some people.
  • Join us on Facebook and ask others to do the same. Get on the mailing list and ask others to do the same.
  • Order Some Merchandise! Okay, as of this writing, we don’t have the merchandise online but in the next few weeks, look for it. If you want some free merchandise, consider being a "Street Team" member.

What is a street team?
People who help us spread the word and take an active role in helping get people to shows. We send Street Teamers posters and flyers and are putting together a FREE promo package that will include t-shirts and other merchandise. To get more information, send an email to INFO @ Matthew Moran Online (DOT) com (remove spaces and convert (DOT) to “.” – helps me reduce spam).

Hope to see you at a show soon!

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