Professionally, I am:

A few other things…

  • I am a father and find nothing as fun as hiking around with my kids.
  • I’m hyperactive and self-medicate with coffee. I recently cut back on coffee.. from 2+ pots to about 2 cups per day! Stomach issues... go figure.
  • If you send me an email or pose a question on the blog, I will answer it.
  • I workout several days each week – no-nonsense, 250-300 pushups and weight-training with various dumbbell exercises. I don’t go to the gym because I can complete my workout in 40 minutes.
    Okay.. I recently joined the gym. There are exercises I could not do at home and pull ups seemed to be exacerbating a long-time back spasm issue. Fortunately, no disk issues. I do everything at the gym as super-sets and believe (know) that weight training is FAR superior to cardio for overall fitness. However, the best exercise you can do is the one you will do consistently over the course of your life. Oh.. and I still love push-ups. Recently, I added yoga to the mix and love it!
  • I was born and raised in Southern California, but I've lived in Arizona and find the heat intolerable, but the Sonoran desert to be amazing! I could see living in New Mexico.
  • About “Amazing!” It is perhaps the word I use most often to describe things. I see the world, people, and opportunities as amazing. I don’t turn this amazement off with clients or friends...

…more later….