Acoustic Patio with Jeff Kossack and Friends

Acoustic Patio – January Recap

I launched a new concert series called Acoustic Patio at Holy Grounds Coffee in El Sereno. Our first show featured Jeff Kossack and a few friends.

I’ll explain a little bit about Acoustic Patio and share some photos from the experience. Let’s get another link out of the way first.

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Wait, what is Acoustic Patio?

Glad you asked. I moved to downtown LA (well, just East of downtown) so my youngest could attend a performing arts high school. She sings – and way better than I do. The first thing I do when I move to an area is find the independent Coffee Houses. The closest one to my home is Holy Grounds (link above). The other I frequent is Charlie’s in South Pasadena. Hi Kelly 😉  

It’s not that I’m against corporate coffee giants per se.. but I do like supporting local business-owners.

Holy Grounds has this cool outdoor garden patio with a Stage. Over the years I’ve performed there a few times. They also do comedy and other community and art events. If nothing else, visit for a coffee or tea but I highly recommend you check out the events too.

In fact, here is a video that I created to promote January’s Acoustic Patio. I show the garden and stage.

After playing music at Holy Grounds one night, I spoke to Mark, who handles entertainment. I proposed a night of music and a songwriter residency. We agreed to once a month on Monday night and Acoustic Patio was born. I’m excited about the prospects of growing this in the community and the excitement and support among songwriter’s and those associated with them, has been excellent.

Jeff Kossack – and friends

I was introduced to Jeff through Jeanette Lundgren and her Mother Hen Promotions, where she helps promote several folk artists. I listened to Jeff’s material, liked what I saw, and knew he was reasonably local (not loco, though he may be that too). He agreed to be part of the inaugural gig. Thanks for stepping up, Jeff!

He also brought fellow performers and songwriters, Mark Romano – who joined him on accordion & Don Teschner – lead and accompanying guitar.

Jeff writes witty and heartfelt songs with a folk and blues folk flair. He’s smooth vocally and comfortable on stage, able to interact easily with guests and his fellow musicians. He has tentatively agreed to visit Acoustic Patio again and I plan to make that happen. 

Acoustic Patio Photos 

Here are some photos from the event. Too see additional photos, check out the gallery on the Facebook page. Hopefully, we’ll have some video up soon. I’ve been running to get the next show ready and take care of my money work at the same time.


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