An Arrogant Rehearsal – the band

I’m working on some music bookings – both solo and with my band, Arrogant Sage. I’ve been distracted with a few things – consulting projects and launching an e-class. More on this later.

But, for giggles, I put my phone on the mixer stand at rehearsal last Sunday. I recorded a few songs this way. Cell phone cameras and their microphones are surprisingly effective at controlling peaks – even with drum hits. Anyway, here is my song, All I Want is Everything.

Appearing in the video:
Electric Guitar/Vocals: Me (that’s Matthew Moran)
Bass Guitar: Tim Hyatt
Drums: Tom Galella
Lead guitar is missing but, we’re looking: (lead guitarist wanted)

Video: All I Want is Everything

The lyrics are below the video.


All I Want is Everything
© Copyright 2010 – Matthew Moran

She said, Baby I must confess
I’m missing you, I’m a mess
I reach out for you and your not here
I call for you and your not there

I hear you saying that you just want everything
Don’t you know I want the same thing too
All I want is everything and baby that means
All I want is you

I want the sunlight on your face
To be your storm, your sea, your resting place
To kiss you awake and you to bed
and a brand new day to do it all again

I want passion that won’t ever end
To be your every lover and your one true friend
I want to fill your mind with fantasy
I want to chain you down, I want to set you free

I want to be your morning & be your night
Be there to make up after every fight
I want the best of you and I want your worst
I want to feed your hunger and quench your thirst

I want your 10 cent and 4-letter words
I want your rational and I want your absurd
I want love that burns hot to the touch
Yeah I want everything, is that too much

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