Anything but Apathy

If given the choice in life, I’d choose sadness over apathy. I spent many years feeling mostly apathetic. Not in denial… not blind… willingly apathetic.

The honor of feeling something more, of sitting at some precarious precipice and experiencing what is terrifying but exhilarating, even if it means risking everything, is far better than the firmness of a flat and lifeless, ground-level existence.

Years ago, a counselor/coach told me to, “embrace the loneliness.” At the time, I hated the advice and thought it stupid… but later, learned to appreciate its simplicity.

“Embrace the loneliness” – WTH!

Sadness is like a pulse… it lets me know that I am alive!

And it beats apathy any day!

NOTE: Please do not reach out with virtual hugs, etc. I’m not seeking feedback and am not mired in a situation. Those of you who know me, know that I hate that shit! Thanks!

About Writing Prompts: or specifically, this prompt. 2014, I vowed to be more fearless in my writing. Apparently, being fearless in this way is one of those things I don’t do well.

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