Ascott Hills Park Fire on July 2nd, 2017

Interesting timing…

I’ve been injured since the 2nd week of June. And the first week of June, I was in Ventura. My son had broken 5 ribs and ruptured his spleen in a fall.

Finally back – still injured but I’d sat down to restring my weed-whacker to finish clearing the hill behind my house. I went inside to take fish out of the oven when I heard the sounds of sirens. They got progressively louder and I could tell they were on our street. Outside I saw two engines coming up the street and another couple at the bottom.

I looked behind the house and I could see smoke. From the looks of it, it was back on Ascott Park – near the top. I told my daughter and she, her boyfriend, and our two dogs followed me up the hill.

Sure enough, at the top of the hill, where the gate enters Ascott Hills Park, the grass was on fire. It was fairly small and, fortunately, the line on our side was burning against the wind – moving slowly. As we got there, several fire engines arrived using the dirt road in Ascott Hills Park.

The fire crew and two helicopters made fairly quick work of the blaze. An Action News crew showed up about 15 minutes later. They were impressed with the pictures that my daughter’s boyfriend took and contacted him later so they could be included on some news websites. I haven’t heard back if they were. He’s a tremendous photographer. His website (he isn’t done with it – so doesn’t really want it announced) is,

Below are videos and some images from the blaze.


Initially on scene:

From Facebook live video: 20 minutes

The final helicopter drop of the evening

Some pictures:

The first picture is truly iconic…
All photographs credits: E. Lopez. ¬†Except the final two… of the aforementioned E. Lopez. I took them from the Facebook Live video. I just thought they were interesting.



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  1. Very cool Matt! I grew up in Manhattan Beach, and lived in W. Hollywood for a year in 1986. I’ve never been to that area of LA. Are you on the Valley side of LA?

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