Audio Recorded After Waking From Two Dreams

A not podcast

Let’s call this a podcast. Episode #1 of Matt’s Unremarkable Dreams.
It’s likely a launch and farewell episode.

Last night, after waking from two back to back dreams, I decided to record what I remembered on my phone.

I don’t often remember my dreams and typically make the mistake, upon waking from a dream, to say to myself, “I’ll write that down in the morning.” By morning I’ve forgotten the dream entirely. This morning, perhaps at 2am, I’d turned on the first episode of Uncivil and fell asleep toward the end of it. I woke from the first dream, half-dozed off, and had the second, semi-waking dream.

I grabbed my phone, hit the voice recorder, and voila – her is some of the most unremarkable audio you’ll be subjected to. Thank you for giving me 5 minutes of your life. You’ll never get it back. 😉

Listen below or download here

Dream #1 Summary

Wake up in some home – not mine. No one is home. I’m annoyed and concerned about my wife. All the lights are on.

Dream #2 Summary

Not really a dream. Semi-awake, no visual. Whistle… whistle… whistle… annoyed voice, “Matt!”

Dream Analysis

I have no analysis for this dream. It is an ongoing joke with my friend Debbie that we analyze each others dreams, always certain to find the other’s deep-rooted psychiatric problems. You are welcome to do the same. I don’t really put much stake into dream analysis – though I may write a blog entry about a dream I had and the analysis by my friend Roderick. His analysis of one of my dreams struck a nerve. In any case, my mind and psychological state is yours to dissect. Please put the pieces neatly back on the laboratory table.

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