My heroes growing up were always authors. At times seems surreal to say that I am one.. but.. if the words print… I write a lot and I coach a lot of writers.

I’ve authored dozens (hundreds?) of articles on business, technology, automation, strategy, and creativity. Publications like, The Wall Street Journal’s Career Journal, Windows Professional Magazine,, Apartment Professionals Magazine, and many others.

I authored, The IT Career Builder’s Toolkit in 2005 and now Building Your I.T. Career the greatly expanded 2nd edition is scheduled to be released. I had a few other book deals a couple years ago but allowed life, divorce, flood, etc. to push them back. We will talk about this in the blog.

Business Writing (marketing copy, letters, strategic plans):
There may be some who believe this is neither creative or very exciting.. If so, you need to speak to me. It is!.. or at least when I do it.  😉

Blogs, essays, poetry, and music:
In fairness, each could have their own category. I’ve been blogging for over 10 years now. Sometimes odd personal observations and also topics related to technology, professional development, business, and career strategies. I’ll be doing that here on this site and also at (see Notes From The Toolshed). And you can find out more about my songwriting on my songwriting page.

I’ll share more on writing in my blog, sometimes categorized as writing and other times categorized under coaching. If you are a writer or aspiring writer, drop me a line and let me know what you are up to.

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