Beaux and the frisbee – fun and passionate!

Beaux jumping over meI have a dog. His name is Beaux. We found him a couple month ago, found the owner, but they needed to find him a home. His personality was right; a bit up which matches me. Correct breed; Labrador (mix and I’m good with mutt’s because we all are). I’ve taught him to catch Frisbee and he’s pretty good at it.

Once you get a dog jacked on that type of an activity, he is a bit more to handle. It requires more work and time but it is worth it.

My daughter shot this video two weekends ago. I put it to some music.

What struck me about it was how into his activity he was… And I thought about what we claim as our passions or what is important to us. When he is into his zone, his passion, nothing else exist.  We could learn from that.. couldn’t we? Watch his wipeout! He’s all in!

Mostly, this blog is not about a lesson though.. I’ve categorized it as “Life” and that is appropriate. It is about life and living. Enjoy!

Watch directly on YouTube here:

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