Beaux knows business development

Beaux and I took some time for mental clarity yesterday. In the process of doing so, we also did some business development. I have to thank Beaux for that. Let me explain.

Jonathan soars over Beaux

Jonathan soars over Beaux

First, we took off for a couple hours to Rancho Palos Verdes. It was hot – hotter than a trip to the ocean should be. But it was beautiful. 

On the way home, I stopped at a park so Beaux could get some water and catch some frisbee on the grass. He’d been climbing over rocks and jumping in the ocean. Fun stuff, but water and grass was needed.

I made a few tosses and Beaux made some great catches. After one of them, I heard loud cheers and applause. There was a large group of African American kids at the park. From the common t-shirts they were wearing, they obviously belonged to an organized group.

I took Beaux up to get a drink from the faucet – he thinks he’s a human, I guess. Several of the kids came up asking about him – his name, how he learned to catch frisbee, how old he was, etc. They asked how far he would chase it. I said, as far as I threw it.

Panorama of the cove

Panorama of the cove

I went down to a large grass area and demonstrated. Then I had Beaux do a few other tricks. I talked to them about dog training, how you need to give them time – like any relationship, and patience, trust, etc. It became a workshop of sorts and I had an audience of about 30 people – kids (middle school and high school) and adults.

Beaux and the rocks

Beaux and the rocks

One of the adults approached me. He asked what I did. I explained I’m a consultant, writer, speaker, and performer. He explained they were part of a youth conference from Los Angeles and asked if I would be willing to speak to their group – both kids and adults.

I said yes, of course. He said that I had their attention and a great message… very encouraging.

Two things:

  1. I think I should include Beaux in some of my presentations.
  2. I had my consulting card but no card for my more creative endeavors.

Regarding including Beaux in presentations

We’ll work on number 1. There are great object lessons in dog training and care that apply to life and business. Plus, he’s so damn cute!

Regarding business cards

I’ll be getting these ordered on Monday.

Rancho Palos Verdes

The entire photo gallery

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