Where I Belong – a song about overcoming adversity

In 2009, I was at the tail end of the worst of 2 years of depression, anxiety, professional malaise, feelings of failure, and more. I had lost nearly everything I owned in what I refer to as, “The Flood  of ’07!”

As that fog was lifting and I began looking forward, I wrote the following lyric over a simple chord progression.

Time keeps rollin’, Life is movin’ me on
Climb that mountain, Get back where I belong..

The song became my personal ode to overcoming adversity (see LinkedIn article) and reclaiming my spot in life. Since then, I’ve often performed it at the close of keynote presentations and other workshops. I am profoundly grateful to, and humbled by, those who have let me know that the song resonates with them.

Last week, I spoke at College of the Canyons for a job/career transitions group of the Project Management Institute’s Los Angeles. My presentation slides (complete with pictures from “The Flood”), The Proactive Careerist, can be found here on SlideShare.

I’ve included the lyrics to Where I Belong, below the video. I hope you enjoy and can relate… let me know and, of course, share to your hearts content! 😉

Where I Belong (direct on YouTube)

Where I Belong
Copyright © 2009 – Matthew Moran

I’ve stood still and I’ve stood down
I’ve stood frozen with fear when I should have stood my ground
Stood by while others have taken the fall
Now I stand naked in my shame and I just can’t stand it no more

Time keeps rollin’, Life is movin’ me on
Climb that mountain, Get back Where I Belong

I’ve lost track and I’ve lost time
I’ve lost my head, you would’ve thought I’d lost my mind
and I’ve lost love for foolish pride
But I’m not losin’ sleep for mistakes I’ve left behind

I’ve always lived by my own rules
Been of captain of that ship of fools
I’ve run aground but now I turn around and smile

If you’ve been turned and you’ve been tossed
If you’re through paying the price but you can’t stop counting the cost, listen..
Life takes no bribe against its wage
You’ve gotta start living now, can’t wait another day

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