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Sleeping with Prostitutes

Ha.. clickbait. It worked, you’re here! Now let me explain my indiscretion in a little more detail! I sleep with prostitutes from time to time. I know it isn’t what’s best for me. But I also know I’m not alone (because I’m with her, right?). It started years ago with a conversation at a client. […]

Presentation: The Entrepreneurial Careerist – proactive and creative professional growth

Next week, Wednesday, October 4th, I’m speaking at the Challenger Networking Group LA’s monthly meeting. I’ve given this presentation a few times the past couple of months. I enjoy it because it is a free-flowing, no audio/visuals, off-the-cuff series of anecdotes and audience interaction. Here is a promo image I created. Also, here is a […]

Throw Away The Box

“Boxes are for holding things, minds are for exploring things.” Throw Away The Box: Origins During a business presentation in Phoenix several years ago, an attendee asked this question during the Q & A. “What did you do with your kids and what did your parents do to make you, and them, think so far […]