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Street team to promote Building Your I.T. Career by Matthew Moran

This is for I.T. and Non-I.T. Professionals

Back when my book was first being edited, I received an amazing note from the copy-editor. In part, she said…

I’ve read your book twice now: once as copyeditor and now a second time as proofreader of the book and CD content. It’s a book that I didn’t mind reading a second time because of all your good, practical advice. I especially like your ideas about organizing your contacts, networking, and financial planning. As a fellow freelancer, I can use those ideas in my own business even though I’m not directly in the IT field. That’s the great thing about your book: It’s applicable to anyone wanting to improve his career, not just those in IT.
-Karen (Gill) Walsh, Copyeditor

My book is NOT about technology. It is presented to I.T. professionals by someone in the industry (me), so they understand that I understand their particular concerns. However, most good career advice is cross-industry. Karen’s quote above confirmed what my editor and I thought about my book from the beginning; it applies to virtually any career.

So, don’t be intimidated if you are NOT a computer professional. Of course, if you are a computer professional, keep reading as well.

Writing is just the beginning

Well.. truth is, an idea, notes, a book proposal, etc. then writing is the beginning. But after a book is written and the publisher is going to production, there is the promotion.

Today, authors are expected to take part in that promotion. I sort of like it. Especially if you have a good product – and I do! 😉

It takes a Village (or a team)

But more than an author, there is tremendous power in a team of people helping spread the word. In this “social media” driven world, with many competing voices, it really takes a concerted effort and teamwork to cut through the din.


Well.. I could really use the help. And I’ll make it easy. I’m putting together a book promotion street team. For your help, you’ll get a copy of my book and some other cool bonuses.

I’ll provide you with some simple tools, graphics, links, and instructions, so you can help the book launch as successfully as possible. I’ll be providing more details over the next few weeks but if you are interested in helping, please sign up to my special Book Promo Street Team mailing list.

But Matt, I am not an Online Marketing Expert!

Perfect.. you are just who I need. Real people, in the trenches of their careers, who can help by the feet and the street and help me get the word out. I’ll guide you through the process. Many times, it will be as simple as clicking a link and posting something to Facebook or Twitter.

Will it cost me anything?

NO!!! Well, a little bit of time. but when I say a little bit of time, I mean, a little bit.

If you have more questions, email me here:

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