Bookings, cancelations, house concerts, and more

imageThe mid-February newsletter has been issued. Check it out by clicking the image to the left.

Of special note: If you can help with a house concert in San Francisco on April 2nd, let me know. See the newsletter for more details.

It has been a wild couple of months. I’m not complaining.. just saying.
I am looking forward to the few scheduled shows coming up and getting back to recording.

One thing I’ve tried to internalize is that momentum can be established quickly by better monitor and control of your schedule.

This past month, with several projects hitting at once, I found that it eased my mind to put away all my recording gear. The fact is, having it available was a constant reminder that I wasn’t getting to it – and would not be able to dedicate the time to focus on it for awhile.

The schedule is still a bit hectic but we have created some space (both physically and time-wise) to re-initiate the recording project.

Additionally, I have started interviewing/auditioning band-members. I’ll be looking to perform with a full-band or some accompaniment by March 27th – the Oak Park Farmer’s Market gig.

Look for a new “behind the song” post soon. All about songs and lyrics and how they came about.

~ Matt

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