Can I Be Your Opening Act plus. . .

Plans and connections for 2010 are shaping up.

One of the items on my plan – a logical next step – is for me to open for some more established acts. I am still booking some shows on my own and will be announcing some house concerts in the next several weeks but am also starting discussions with some booking agents about opening for one or more of their acts..

I hope to leverage and offer assistance with their artists web updates, social media, editing and publishing video, and more. For the more established act, they could have video and images from a performance being added to their website during – and within hours of completing their show.

Really, with my laptop and a video camera at a show, I could be getting pictures of and from their fans, and publishing them in an online album or on Facebook – tagging that person at the same time. This is a great way to get the fan even more engaged.

In poking around online over the past several months, it is surprising how many great acts do not have much presence here. And so, an idea was born.

In return I will have the opportunity to play a 6-8 song set to open their show, have merchandise available, and build my personal mailing list. My hope is to create the ultimate win-win and build great connections with forward thinking artist and music professionals.

I’ve already starting talking to some “friends” of another artist – who might be able to use me in this capacity plus as a rhythm guitarist/accompanist for their set.

Look for more announcements soon. While you are here, sign up for my mailing list or connect with me at one of the social media below..








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