Career Plans in Los Angeles

Last week I took a car into downtown to work in a coffeehouse (my house isn’t air-conditioned). I won’t divulge which car service. My driver and I started talking about how much he drives (7 days a week/8 to 12 hours per day) and that he wasn’t earning enough.

A Career & Relationship Bundle

He then explained that his next plan was to start dancing at a club. It became apparent that he meant a gay club because he explained that he was looking to meet a husband there.

I asked him if that was where and how husbands were met… dancing at clubs. I don’t really know but I do know that female strippers have concocted similar plans. I do not know what the success-rate is.

He told me that it happens. Specifically, he wanted to meet an older man, my age, he explained, who had the money to take care of him. He also explained that he just doesn’t want to work.

I told him, “Well, at least you have a plan. I know a lot of people who never put one together.” I’m serious about this. Having a plan, even one I consider improbable, is better than no plan. It’s also good to know your limitations… he doesn’t like to work. That’s clarity folks.

I then told him that he was dropping me in Little Tokyo because I was looking for a young Asian woman who was looking for the same thing he was.

That made him laugh. I thought it pretty clever myself.

Mind you, that is NOT why I was in Little Tokyo. I just like the vibe in that area of LA, plus there is a great bookstore. Kinokuniya.


If you get to down to Little Tokyo, don’t miss the bookstore. It’s a truly eclectic mixture of LA-centric books, artistic gifts, Japanese pop-culture, and other cultural and artistic material.

I took a picture of this book and sent it to my friend, Debbie. We have an interesting, often-inappropriate, platonic relationship. The ensuing messages got a little mushy so we flipped each other off with emojis and I continued my day.

LA Conversations

A couple minutes later, while sitting outside having a Matcha soft serve (first time – it was… okay.), a guy approached me. It was very apparent that he was mentally ill, on drugs, or both. He sat next to me and ranted about a variety of things.

He seemed to want my input or agreement on things but when I said anything he just stared at me and then went into another rant. Something about being a porn star, being a Christian, and a disagreement he had with someone.

At one point, he asked to play my guitar. I didn’t open the case. Undeterred, he played some air guitar to show me how the song went.

I finished my Matcha and told him I needed to go. I thanked him for the company. As I left, he got up and sat down next to three people who were also having some Matcha. Apparently, he likes company.

After working for a couple hours I went home. I got a different driver. He was not as interesting as the driver who took me there and he almost ran a red light on a busy intersection. He spent the rest of the drive apologizing and thanking me for screaming stop!!

I consider that a successful downtown visit.

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  1. That’s quite funny. I’ve run into people who are looking for a man to take care of them. I have also been approached to be that man. The success rate is not good in the gay world. If you have money, you don’t want to deal with having to take care of someone that only loves you for your money. You can get a hooker instead!

    • Hey Scott. Thanks for commenting. I would suspect that the success rate isn’t that great in the straight world either.

      I’ll stick with my plan – pushing one of my kids to earn enough to take care of me. 😉

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