Sunrise & Sedona: The Bliss of Losing One’s Mind

I originally wrote about this song over on Substack. I highly recommend that EVERYBODY goes over there and subscribes. Also, invite about 2,000 of your closest friends. 😉 2007: Separation, Flood, and Music 2007 was an eventful year for me (and my family). It is the year of my separation, leading to divorce the following […]

Image of songwriter, Matthew Moran. Also a rustic American Flag with the words, American Dream on the top

American Dream – acoustic recording & lyric video

AMERICAN DREAM I wrote American Dream back in 2009, following the housing/banking crash. Reflecting on how the US routinely bails out large corporate interest rather than supporting and protecting the middle-class, the song was an amalgamation of ideas. The misguided pursuit of fortune over the pursuit and cultivation of relationships and the plight of the […]

New Song: Troubled Mind – Inspired by a Mark Twain Quote

NEW SONG: INSPIRED BY A MARK TWAIN QUOTE I popped onto Facebook one day and saw a misquote of the Mark Twain quote below. Mark Twain and Benjamin Franklin are two of my favorite figures in American History. They were witty, snarky, and often attacked moralistic societal norms and misguided authority. What’s not to love? […]