Presentation: Cloud-based Team Collaboration Tools & Strategies for PMI Los Angeles

Yesterday I had the privilege of presenting to a group for PMI Los Angeles (Project Management Institute). It was part of a day-long series of workshops. My workshop topic was:

Cloud-based Team Collaboration Tools & Strategies

I addressed both conceptual ideas surrounding team collaboration – practical ideas like how to craft better, easier to follow emails (visually appealing and clarifying purpose or questions), why email is a poor communication tool and some strategic ways to centralize information, and the importance of systems in general but avoiding the myth of “The Perfect System.”

I then covered and demonstrated the following tools:

These are all tools I use in my consulting practice (Pulse Infomatics) and with my music business as well.

The conference organizers also asked me to bring my guitar and share a song prior to lunch! The PMI group is always attentive and a lot of fun!

You may download the slides below.

Note to attendees

Thank you for your attention and questions during my presentation, and kind words afterward. I hope the information provided is able to be put to use and, at minimum, provided some ideas you can take back to your jobs and your life. Of course, if you know of any groups that might benefit from this knowledge, let me know or pass my name along to them.

Thank you, also, for allowing me to share my music with you. I consider that a great honor. The song I shared, “Where I Belong”, has personal significance for me and hopefully the words were encouraging to you as well. Below the slides is a video of that song that includes some vocal help from my friend, Kreatiff. She is a remarkable vocalist.

Matthew Moran
February 11, 2018

Presentation Slides

PDF | Powerpoint

Where I Belong

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