Creating a songwriter or band press kit. Microsoft Publisher and transparent overlay image

I uploaded a new press kit page yesterday and received an email about the overlaid image I use on it. You can see that here.

Below is a video that demonstrates how I created that overlay effect in Microsoft Publisher.

Short list: What you need

  1. A reasonably high-quality/hi-resolution image to create your transparency.
  2. Graphic design software or in my case, a graphic design expert.. I used Noel Ramos, founder of the Independent Music Conference, to create my transparent image.
  3. Desktop Publishing Software. I use Microsoft Publisher. It works great and is part of Microsoft Office Professional.

Basic steps:

  1. Write press kit text. I wrote some of it, had some great review quotes, and then had Val King, Editor and co-founder of Rock Revolt, offer some assistance.
  2. Insert/copy your transparent image and paste onto the page.
  3. Adjust text to wrap “tightly” around the image.
  4. Fine tune text wrapping “edit points”.
  5. Save your press kit as a: Hi-resolution image, standard resolution image, and PDF.

Original image and the transparent image

Carpenteria 2009

original image

Matthew Moran transparent

transparent image

Here is your video:

Please feel free to comment, ask questions, & share.



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