Cure My Lonely (tonight)

I wrote the chorus for this song back in October 2015. The lyrics were slightly different and I had started the song as a Waltz. But over time, the timing and cadence of the lyrics necessitated some modification of the music.

I didn’t write the verses until February of 2016. That happens sometimes. I loved the chorus the day I wrote it. And I was very pleased when the verses came together…. I really like the way it turned out.

It captures the idea of a love that you cannot hold on to, cannot sustain, but find impossible to walk away from. Oddly, the song was written outside the that scenario… I hadn’t lived it – at least not in recent memory. I was drawing on common themes of love, obsession, loss, and weakness.

Life has an ironic and sometimes sick humor to it. And, in the immortal words of Forrest Gump…

“… that’s all I have to say about that.”

Here is a video a shot yesterday in my living room. It’s shot in my least favorite aspect ratio. I can’t really explain why and I’m too lazy… er… too busy to re-shoot it. The lyrics are below. Oh… if you like it, consider sharing the page or video… you know the drill. 😉

Cure for My Lonely

© 2016 – Matthew Moran

Babe here we are
Moonlight in your eyes
Lace on my fingertips
Our bodies entwined

But come morning light
As I look around
No note and no notice
You are nowhere to be found

You’re the cure for my lonely
You’re the cause of it too
That never again girl
As I crawl back to you

You’re my resolve and my weakness
You’re the peace in my fight
You’re the cure for my lonely
Cure my lonely tonight

It’s just what you do
You would think I would learn
The hotter the passion
The deeper the burn

I don’t want you around
But yeah I sure do
And walk into those flames
I’m sacrificed and I’m consumed

Here I am thinking
That I’m finally through
I can’t keep doing
What I always do

But there you appear
At my door once again
I shouldn’t but I do
I know how this night’s gonna end

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