A Poem for the Dream Doers

I published this poem in 2011 on another blog. I might write a new one before the 1st. But I might not. This is pretty good. Enjoy!

A New Year’s Poem For The Dream Doers

It is the day after Christmas and all round the world
People’s plans for the next year are getting a little absurd.
I’m going lose weight, improve my financial position
Have better relationships or just make better decisions

And while those all sound great and desire to be better is noble
Such statements typically ring empty; New Year’s resolutions a foible
Point A to Point B is not achieved by our desire or dreams
But by the plan and the action and diligent follow thru it seems

I’m not saying do not dream. Dream big and aim high
But you must do quite a bit more or those dreams will shrivel and die
Put some feet on your goals, take the time to plan and prep
Write down those dreams and some intermediate steps

Surround yourself with the “dreamers who do”
Perhaps a mentor who has done it and believes you can too
Someone who pushes you forward, they might be a bit of a pain
Because they won’t stand for excuses or let your lose sight of your plan

Silence the critic, the skeptic, and those who foster despair
Those content to believe that opportunity is not there
And remember the wise words, paraphrased so they fit
Those who believe it can’t be done, stay out of the way of those of us doing it!
Matthew Moran, December 26, 2011

matthew moran bicycle los angeles

The picture has nothing to do with the poem. 😉 LA City Hall

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