Too Early for Whiskey (so I’m starting with wine)

I love honky tonk music. Sadness and drinking.. those are core ingredients. But I don’t really write it – perhaps because I may have over-imbibed three times in my entire life.

However, back in 2010, I wrote a line that I knew I could grow into a good honky tonk style tune.

“It’s too early for whiskey, so I’m starting with wine”

And voila! A few hours later, I had the following song. It took me until now, 2017, to record anything more than a cell phone video version.

You can listen, download, and/or watch the song below. I have the complete lyrics below that.

Download: Too Early for Whiskey

Lyrics: Too Early for Whiskey

Copyright © Matthew Moran – 2010

It’s too early for whiskey so I’m starting with wine
Too late for forgiveness, she’s made up her mind
I should be heartbroken but you know I feel fine
It’s too early for whiskey so I’m starting with wine

She finally got the nerve to say she’d had enough
Put her glass of wine down, packed her bags and threw them in the trunk
When I woke the next morning she was nowhere to be found
I took that half-finished glass of wine and I drunk it down

The sun comes up and the sorrow starts to make me think
That what I want for breakfast is a long tall drink
But my friends tell me that morning and Jack don’t mix
So this bottle of cheap red wine had better do the trick

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