Episode #3 Art as a Serious Profession

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Episode 3: Art is a Serious Profession

Reflections of a conversation with my youngest, "The Punk"

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Perhaps the greater work comes in the permission she needs to give herself on where to put her dream of performing. 

You see, when she expressed to me that she felt pressure to be mature and act more adult, she was pitting that idea - maturity and being adult - in contrast to performing and pursuing music.

Somehow, she sees going after her music dream as less mature, less adult, less valid than a traditional job.

I want to believe that I have not encouraged this idea. I want to believe that I have always expressed that I support her pursuing music 100%. Because, I DO!!

And that I get it because I want to do the same.

When I speak with her, I am fully convinced and believe that her pursuing music is as mature and as adult a thing to do as pursuing computer programming or accounting or any other professional path.

But then I wonder… Do I, really?

If I reflect on my own progress in my artistic pursuits, I realize that I maintain one foot in one domain and dip my toes into another.

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