Episode 4 Broken Cell Phone, Peace & Focus

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Episode 4: Broken Cell Phone, Peace & Focus

I broke my cell phone screen yesterday. And was reminded of a few things.

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I like my phone. I like the information that connects me to. I like the people I interact with. I like the ability to Chronicle certain events when necessary.

And God knows I want you to have your technology with you, at least until you've downloaded and listened to this podcast!

But I was reminded that I like disconnecting as well. Perhaps for longer periods than I have been in the practice of disconnecting over the past several years.

A few years ago NPR producer, Manoush Zomorodi, put out a podcast episode (series) titled bored and brilliant. In fact in a series of episodes on her podcast Note to Self, she advocated for the practice of disconnecting from your phone. I'll have a link to the bored and brilliant episode on my podcast page.

The idea was that in disconnecting from a constant stream of input and potential interruption you would go through a process that forced your mind to work in isolation on ideas. I more or less followed the experiment as she laid out. It was, if nothing else, calming.

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