Everyday Lies at the Neutra in Silverlake

A few weeks ago, I had a chance to perform at the Neutra Museum and Art Opening in Silverlake, CA.

A photographer, Dietmar Kohl (and his Facebook), was on hand and took a couple photos and a video. You can find those below.

Another cool side-note, another performer played – good guitar player – named Gary Myrick. I didn’t pick up on the name but his last song was one I recognized… also below.

Matthew Moran - songwriter, Los Angeles, CA At the Neutra

Everyday Lies – Video

I was losing my voice during this performance. I think I mostly made it through this song. After that it got sketchy.


Before my last set, I sat and watched some of Gary Myrick’s set. He finished with this song – done acoustically. I looked it up and my phone and discovered that he was the 1980’s hitmaker who wrote it. Cool.

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