Everything I Thought I Never Wanted (story and song)

If you’ve followed my blog(s) for long enough, you know about “The Flood of ’07” So called because it was a flood that destroyed our home in 2007. And while there may have been larger floods in ’07, when an event hits you like that, it gets the “The” moniker.

We ended up on the news all day after and Doug Bruhnke of Growth Nation said to me about a week later:

“It’s all the press you ever wanted.”

I replied and said:

All the press I NEVER wanted!

A week or so after later that, I was rolling that idea around my head. I thought about an unexpected love that someone was not looking for.. and voila! the song below was born.

Everything I Thought I Never Wanted

Copyright © 2007 – Matthew Moran

I hope you enjoy!

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