Everything I Thought I’d Never Wanted – a country song

I wrote this song soon after my home in Arizona was destroyed in a Monsoon storm.

The song came about when friend and local businessman, Doug Bruhnke, upon seeing me on the news talking about losing everything joked, “All the press you ever wanted.”

I replied and said, “All the press I NEVER wanted!”

That phrase banged around my head for a bit and turned into this country love song. It has NOTHING to do with the flood or press.


A quick video from my office.


Everything I Thought I Never Wanted
© 2007 – Matthew Moran, Arrogant Sage Music

Everything I thought I never wanted
Everything I never thought that I could have
Walked into my life when you came walking through the door
And you became, everything I wanted and more

Love at first sight
Some say it don’t exist
But I’ve had a taste of it
And I can testify

That when it gets hold of you
It can capture your soul
Feels like your losing control
And that’s just the start of it

Baby that’s what happened when I saw you
Everything I never wished for just came true

Sometimes at night
Watch you lying next to me
Never knew that I could be
Such a lucky man

And it takes me back to when
You first caught my eye
I’m glad I didn’t pass by
What might have never been?

We’ve put some years behind us girl but I still see
You’re everything I never thought true love could be

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