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“resistance is futile”

I consulted for a company in an office building with 4 other businesses. One day, I visited those four other businesses and dropped off my consulting resume. One of the four companies I visited hired me that week, another the next week.

my consulting business growth strategy

Pretty good numbers. Three out of five businesses are clients.

Then, two months later, I was working with the VOIP (Internet phones) provider’s engineer for one of those new clients. He was impressed with my work (network optimization, quality of service, geekery) and had me speak to their Director of Business Development, who was also impressed with my knowledge and experience. Yay me!

Two days later, she called me (Dir. of Biz Dev) and referred one of their customers who, as it turns out, is one of the two remaining companies of the five in that building. They are next door to my original client. 

I had a couple conversations with one of the principles and meet with them this morning to finalize our working arrangements.

That’s 4 out of 5 businesses in one building that are my clients.

4 out of 5!!!!

I’m visiting the 5th company today to explain to them that is is only a matter of time. Resistance is futile. They will be assimilated! Really, that’s exactly what I will say to them! I’ll report back on how that goes.

Also, I think they need to pitch in and give me some office space there.

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