For the set list: Slam Shut – lyrics, story, and video

Story Behind The Song

We added Slam Shut to the set list. I wrote it a few years back and have played it off and on live. In fact, I played it with a house band in Arizona and that is what prompted me to put my band together.


A couple years ago my son hitchhiked around the US. He chronicles some of that journey and its spiritual impact here. While dropping him at a bus station I saw a young lady getting off or on a bus. Bus stops seem to be hard luck story breeding grounds so, although I only saw the young girl briefly, I started filling in back story.

2 songs came out of this single incident.  Do It Again (which we will write about later) and this song, Slam Shut.

Below the lyrics I have a video of a simple acoustic rendition of the song. Warning: When you see this live, the band plays this MUCH LOUDER!  😀


Slam Shut
Copyright 2010 © Matthew Moran

She said she was looking for a better life
A brand new start, a way to jump this bumpy ride
Her broken dreams and shattered faith had been tossed aside
But give her time to find herself and she’ll get by

He hitched himself a ride just south of L.A.
Wondered if it would drop him short or take him all the way
As the city receded it was begging him to stay
He had nothing to lose, he had nothing to say

Slam shut another door
Chalk it up to just one more
Relationship that’s gone awry

You can’t hold onto to your past
Or what was never meant to last
You gotta give in if your gonna get by

You make your bed when you make your mind
You gotta sleep in it, you gotta do the time
There’s no use second guessing what is yours and what is mine
If the truth be told you’ve been doing fine

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