Forays into Photography – hawks, a nest, and more

Recently I began taking pictures. My 2nd child had been given a Canon EOS T3i but wasn't using it. My girlfriend was always taking me out to take pictures and wanted me to know more about it. I cleaned it the Canon, went through some YouTube videos on the camera's features and a bit about aperture, shutter speed, and ISO - and started taking pictures.

I do not claim to be a great photographer but I'm happy to spend some time learning this. My girlfriend has a zoom lens and we have plenty of hawks and other critters in our area, so I have had some opportunities to get some decent shots.

The other day I discovered some Red-Tailed Hawks making a nest at the VA in West Los Angeles. I've added a few of those pictures here. The final two are of a Red Shouldered Hawk at Deb's Park near Highland Park.

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