[Friday Recap] Being myself and being creative

Friday recap will be some of my observations, websites, articles, and anything else I saw during the week.

On Being Myself

I had a conversation yesterday with my friend, Val King. She is editor/owner/founder of Rock Revolt Magazine. It is pretty cool – I began speaking with her a few years back.. about songwriting, my music, her writing, and WordPress. Now she has a site that is getting thousands of views every day. I won’t take credit (well. for the tagline I will).. She is a fine writer and has thrown herself both feet into hacking wordpress as needed.

We talked about my dilemma non-dilemma of branding/positioning/who am I. Her take (paraphrase), “Matt.. you are Matt Moran. Stop over-thinking it and just be Matt Moran.” I asked for her permission and she gave it.. Thanks Val.

Note: I didn’t press her on why I haven’t been covered as an artists at Rock Revolt. It is obviously my lack of tattoos and hair.. and I don’t flip off my audience enough.. Mental note taken..  I’m buying some stick on tattoos this weekend!

My oldest daughter freaked out, visited me last week, got a plan, returned home, freaked out, got talked off the ledge and felt better – and then blogged about it.

Oh.. then she freaked out again but I’m pretty sure she is talking herself off the ledge this time. I’ll know for sure in a few hours as I am heading out to visit her and my other kids.. Pictures will be taken.

As though on queue, Ze Frank, posted a few videos… on worrying too much and on becoming a new person or growing.

About Creativity

I am often asked how I think the way I do – how to be more creative.. I don’t know how to answer that.. Kyle Cease explains – but it is always there.

Social Media/Content Strategy

My friend Dave pointed me at http://contently.com/blog/ I signed up for their Beginner’s Guide To Blogging Content Strategy but haven’t had time to give a thorough once over.

Karen pointed me at Unclutterer and Jolidrive. I signed up for jolidrive to see how it works but have not really been able to test it.

With the imminent death of Google Reader, here are two RSS Readers I’m checking out. The Old ReaderNewsblur.

And now we head into the weekend.

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