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LA = Traffic
but it is amazing!

Last month I took my daughter’s friend to LAX (Los Angeles International Airport). I had a performance later that evening in Orange County, so, even though their flight was early evening, I took them at approximately 1:30pm. My goal was to avoid traffic, get down to Orange County early, and work at a coffee house for a few hours.

In Los Angeles, avoiding traffic is, of course, relative. There was still plenty of traffic mid-day. 

First leg: 45 minutes to go 22 miles.
Second leg: 1:05 to go 23 miles.

In fact, pick someone up from out of town at midnight and unless they are familiar with Los Angeles, they will be shocked at the number of people on the road at that time. Particularly the 405 freeway. Such is the effect of beaches, nice weather, and 18+ million people in the Greater Los Angeles Area.

I did get down to Orange County well before my performance and setup shop at a Panera Bread. I ended up taking a client call, logging into their network, and adjusted a few settings for a data transformation/migration app I’d written for them.

And it got me thinking about why I enjoy working from home and Geographically Untethered Income.

120+ Days

That’s the number of sequential days I’ve NOT visited a client’s location! 4 months since I’ve been obligated to drive through traffic to perform work.

It isn’t that I mind visiting clients. It is always good to catch up and say hello but it is mostly unnecessary. Particularly now that the bulk of what I do is software development and data analytics (dashboards).

In the past I’ve built and supported networks. That type of work requires more onsite time – installing a router, moving computers, setting up printers, etc. Moving data and providing access to that data does not require me to be onsite. 

And as I’ve explained to a few friends, my commute is often the 25-30 steps from my room to the coffee pot and then the next 20 or so steps to my office. Traffic shows up in the form of my dog laying on the floor in front of me, or standing in my way trying to decide if we’re going up the hill.

GUI Options

Geographically Untethered Income does give some options. I can jockey data from anywhere. In fact, I’ve written of this before but executed poorly on it. Last year I was reading an article and perusing some photos of Portugal. I suddenly had the idea that I’d like to move overseas for some time – experience something different.

Portugal become the focal point. 

Note: No… this has NOTHING to do with the current political climate.

I simply want to experience a few different cultures. But not as a tourist – although, I suspect I’ll do some “touristy” things… I do want to see stuff. My goal is to live in a neighborhood and meet some of the people from that neighborhood.

My kids are grown – they are doing life – and this seems like an interesting way to experience the world.

The Current List

Where am I thinking of spending time? Here is the short, but ever-changing list:

  • Portugal
  • Morocco
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Belize
  • Israel
  • Egypt
  • Turkey

I know, I’m missing Ireland, where some of my ancestors are from. Mind you, I could spin a globe, randomly throw a pin down, and find a place that would be interesting. 

I am also avoiding the discussion of my Jimmy Buffett mecca – sailing a boat from Mallory Square down into the Caribbean and who knows where else. Yep… I want to do that too.

But, we need to start somewhere. And this spot (below) in Portugal seemed like a good start.

What about you?

I wrote about book about careers in technology. You don’t have to be a programmer but learning some technology may allow you to get closer to GUI.

Get amazing at Excel, for instance. Add QuickBooks and bookkeeping knowledge to that. There are other ways too.

If you had Geographically Untethered Income, where would you like to live and work?

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