Give Away The Farm and Build Your Brand

Build Your Brand by Giving It AwayThis pertains to authors, consultants, musicians, and virtually anyone who wants to build and extend their brand.

The Internet and those using are obsessed with content. If you want to become relevant to that world, content needs to be a part of what you do.

What is content?

Let’s make this simple:

  • For the consultant/service company:
    Content is not:
    an advertisement or paper showing your services.
    Content is: a tutorial or video showing your client’s, prospective clients how they can do what you do – without paying you.
  • For the author:
    Content is not:
    I write this type of stuff – go buy it at Amazon or elsewhere.
    Content is: A well-written blog, some intelligently placed guest blogs and articles, on numerous sites, that help your credibility index and generate traffic.
  • For the aspiring professional/careerist:
    Content is not:
    Your degree or certification
    Content is: Your successful high-value projects
    Go Intern.. Not the fake college intern where they set you up and get you $10-$15 an hour. Nope.. go approach a company you want to work for and offer your time for free. Yep! Free! Don’t show them that you are valuable – instead, add value to them. (their value is the critical issue.)
  • For the songwriter/singer/musician:
    Content is not:
    30 second clips. A CD song listing. Links to your show calendars.
    Content is: songs that visitors can download and listen to uninterrupted.

There are good people who disagree. They’re wrong but they are good people none-the-less. Love them. Appreciate them. But do not listen to them.

Give away the farm. Don’t tell them how great your farm is.. let them live there. Find out if anyone is interested. Become the go to person for that content.

Any questions?

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