Happy Love Songs – yes I can do that

Okay.. ignore the fact that week 1 of my new schedule, I did not adhere to my new schedule. I could blame my trip to Arizona seeing my 3 older kids (see pics below the lyrics). And I could blame returning home on Monday and being exhausted. Add to that, client work that I’m behind on… and and and and and….

Note: Those are just excuses.. they are not reasons. Reason: I did not focus and put the my energy in the right place!

We’ll remedy that this coming week – I promise!

I’ve been challenged!!!

In the meantime, a few weeks ago I was chatting online with my friend Kim. She commented that I needed to write more happy love songs. While I believe she may be forgetting my songs, Morning Girl, All I Want is Everything, She’s a Little Bit of Everything, Lady Love, and others, I took her words as a direct challenge.

Oh yeah.. I’m both competitive and ornery when cornered.. Happy Love Songs! Damn straight I can do that!

I wrote this a couple days later. Yesterday morning I decided to make a quick video of me performing it… (note: that was during podcast recording time.. oops).

Diana and Me (lyrics below)
Copyright © 2013 – Matthew Moran
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kuO5D52C764]

Oh Diana your still sleeping girl
I got sweet reflections on my mind
It’s more than the moments in the night we share
Our hearts and souls surely combine

I thought I’d been in love before
But it was only passing time
I only see, Diana and me, side by side her hand in mine
And that’s so fine

I know that this has all been said before
The poets and the singers and the rhyme
But I’d like to try my hand and add just one more
And girl you know these words I sing are mine

And when I feel your arms around me at night
I know you see the same thing too

My Excuse..er trip to Arizona

I visited my 3 oldest.. starting with a honky tonk on Friday, the river on Saturday, cliff jumping on Sunday, and then a mad dash home. Here is a video of my oldest cliff jumping at Slide Rock and some photos.

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