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need to consolidate for less mental noise

Less scatterbrained

I am a songwriter, performer, and the proverbial “leader of the band.” I am also, currently, my manager, publicist, promoter, booking agent, roadie, and the sound guy. If you are an indie artist, you know the drill.

For the past year or so, I’ve used as a place to publish information on strategies, technology, and tools to help Musicians (songwriters, bands, street teams, and others) more effectively run their music business and promote their music.

I had no particular goal or approach for this information – just a desire to share ideas and tools I was using to help promote my music. There is no true profit motive, although if I could pay for guitar strings, coffee, or other things.. great!

I’ve been able to help many musicians develop a stronger online presence.

A pleasant side-benefit has been meeting and speaking with other performers, music business professionals, and others interested in the topic. Also, speaking for songwriting groups and for places like Guitar Center and Sam Ash Music has been very rewarding.

The tutorials have also effectively introduce many people to my music. Hey, I’m giving a free workshop, I can also play a song or give a CD.. right?

Lately, life has become more complicated and busy. I am trying to do too much!

In order to consolidate my activities and maintain sanity, I am now publishing advice for musicians here on my music page. I’ve created a category called MusicBiz, and I will publish that advice under that category. There is also a link in the sidebar.

To better understand all the things I had to consolidate and why it was necessary for my sanity, you can read my blog post, Project Consolidation.

This also means that I am consolidating my newsletters – from 4 to 2. Even that is too much but I figure keeping my music and music advice on one newsletter and my consulting, speaking, and writing on another is fair.

The truth is, if you are a musician who wants to learn and adopt more effective strategies and tools, it won’t hurt you to be on my music newsletter. You’ll see tools and strategies in use. Also, for my “passionate listeners” – ie: fans – you’ll probably learn something useful in that content as well.

In fact, I’ll be able to publish more information, more quickly, because of the consolidation. It reduces mental noise.

That’s my story, I’m sticking to it. Thanks for listening.

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