Highway – a song about reclaiming your dreams

A few of you have already heard this. This is an acoustic (mostly acoustic) recording of a song I wrote earlier this year. It is part of a collection of 12 songs I’m putting together for a CD project. The plan was to release it prior to the December. We are close. The goal now is early November.

Behind the Song

20141024_175944If you are like me, you may have found yourself pretty far down a road before realizing it had taken you off the road you wish you had taken. The song is less auto-biographical than broadly reflective. I didn’t leave a city and woman behind but while looking down across the lights of LA, I mused the idea of leaving it all behind. The first verse was born.

The rest of the song followed over the next 3 to 4 days. I hope you enjoy it! You can play it on the page or download it. Sign up for the newsletter to know when the CD will be ready.


Copyright © Matthew Moran


[audio http://www.matthewmoranonline.com/Files/Music/demo/highway.mp3]

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Bright lights and buildings at my back
Thumb out no plans on coming back
Concrete jungle and a woman got me down
Highway come and turn this life around

Around the bend, I ramble, turn & tumble
Escaping dreams that never were my own

Jump back to times inside my head
Been chewed up, spit out, and left for dead
I’m not complainin’ just reflecting in my mind
The heartache & stories left behind

I’ve heard said, “you gotta try your hand again”
I’ve folded my cards, thrown my chips in
I’m not playin’ lady luck, not playin’ hard to get
I’m playing life for keeps & my dream is one sure bet

Around the bend, I ramble, turn & tumble
Escaping dreams that never were my own

Around the bend, I ramble, turn & tumble
Chasing dreams and making them own


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