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Every time I speak to a group of songwriters I am asked about House Concerts. Most recently I spoke about Songwriters, Social Media, and An Effective Online Presence. (get the workshop PDF or Powerpoint file)

The question are very much the same as non-songwriters…


What is a house concert?

How do you book a house concert?

How do you organize a house concert?

Plan a house concert


Fortunately, there are a ton of resources on the web, on youtube, and elsewhere.

I wrote a simple House Concert Resource Page and downloadable guide to make it simple for listeners to organize and schedule a house concert but if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

The short answer to the above questions are:

What is a house concert?
An actual concert (not a party) where friends, family, fans, and lovers of music listen to and support a songwriter. Typically, it involves donations (not tickets), 2 40-45 minute sets, and a break for the songwriter to talk to listeners (connect) and perhaps sell CD’s and other merchandise.

How do you book a house concert?
There are standard house concert “venues” – where they book musicians regularly (perhaps 8-10 a year) but, if you wish to make this a mainstay of your music career, reach out to current listeners, family, and friends. Book them on your own and make sure you build your mailing list as you do. Attendees to a show are your future house concert host.

How do you organize a house concert?
I’ve played house concerts where the host rent tents, chairs, and lights for outside and others where I play in a small living room to 20 people. You do not have to make it such a production that it is a burden.

Put out some snacks – if you are going to allow alcohol – ask guest to bring a bottle of wine.

Invitations can be simply emailed (EVITE.COM,,etc.) or you can print them up. My guide has some sample language – but I am sure you can come up with your own.

My advice is to make it simple but follow up. I always try to make myself available to help my hosts with their invites.


If you have any questions, look at my house concert page (link above) or simply contact me

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