We booked our first house concert with Matt and we enjoyed it tremendously.
We sat with our guests on blankets and chairs on our back lawn while Matt treated us to some great music in an intimate setting. It was a unique way to gather with friends and hear some new music.
- E. Gerson

Image of Matthew Moran performing at a house concert in Utah

I’m glad you’ve made it to my house concert page. If you don't know what a house concert is, this will explain it. If you’ve been asked to host one or are interested in hosting one, I hope I can convince you to do so. You will love it, I promise!

FIRST: House concerts are simple to put together. They DO NOT require a LOT of work. Furthermore, I’ll help you with logistics, coordination, invites, etc.

House concerts are one of the best ways for an independent songwriter to get his or her music in front of new & existing fans and lovers of good music. It is far better than playing in bars or as background music at some public venue. Personally, they are my favorite shows to play.

What is a house concert?

A house concert is, pretty much, what the name says; a lightly-amplified or acoustic show in someone’s house (yours). It can be in the living room, the backyard, a community center, or even a hallway. Heck - have a large walk-in closet? I’ll play in there too. 😉

There are no tickets to sell; it is funded by listener/attendee donations only. Attendees pay what they feel the show is worth and what they are able to afford.

You, the host, might provide light refreshments: cheese, crackers, water, iced tea, etc. But I can help with that too.

Some hosts allow guests to bring alcoholic beverages, but you should feel no obligation to provide beer, wine, or any other alcohol. Some house concert hosts make it a non-alcohol event. That is up to the host. But drunken rowdiness is frowned upon. 😉

Guests can also be encouraged to bring folding chairs. People sit on existing furniture, their chairs, the floor, or stand. It is casual and relaxed.


How to host a house concert

Summary of things you and I work on together:

Let me know that you want to host a house concert! (good for you!) and we set a date.

If possible, ask a friend or two to help you with invites and anything else.
Note: I can provide postcard invites.

Create & distribute invitations (both printed and email/online).

As the date approaches, send a reminder email or two.

Day of show (or prior), get any snacks/refreshments needed.

Have a great time!

Remember, I will help you with every step. I typically create printed invites, the online event, and even draft the email that you can send to invitees.


What happens at my house concerts?

This is typically what I do, but I’m flexible to your attendees and your desires.

  • You make an announcement about who I am and that there are no tickets but that donations are appreciated. I can help you with how to best phrase this. Money is a sensitive subject, so I try to make this light but compelling.
  • I play approximately 40 minutes of music.
  • I take a break and talk to the audience about songwriting, my dog, their dog, or anything else that interests them.
  • I handle any merchandise sales or questions.
  • I play another 3-4 songs.
  • And voila! The evening is concluded.


Yes Matt, I want to host a house concert!

Awesome! Contact me here.