How to book House Concerts – roll your own

I remember when I first read about house concerts. I did a quick search on YouTube and found Kevin Montgomery. Kevin does the “50 States in 50 Days Tour.” 
I reached out to him to find out how he got into the house concert circuit. His answer surprised me a bit at the time but upon reflection and with personal experience, I see his wisdom.

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In short, he said, “you don’t.”

House Concert Logistics

Let’s consider the numbers and other factors.

People who host house concerts on a regular basis do about 10 shows a year. They have hundreds of artist clamoring for those positions and they have their own roster of personal favorites and repeat performers.

Let’s assume they have 20 favorites they want to rotate into their schedule. And assume that half of those want to play there at least every other year. That means that out of 20 spots over 2 years, 10 are perpetually booked. That leads 10 spots over 2 years.

They have another 10 performers who they are going to request for those 10 spots. Assume that half cannot fit into their schedule but half can. You are left with 5 spots over 2 years.

Let’s make another assumption – probably a safe one. That they are seeking people they know and people referred by other performers first. So every 2 years, there are 5 potential spots open, dozens or hundreds of artist asking for those spots, and a select few who are closer to the inner-circle.

Do It Yourself House Concert Tour

Kevin’s advice was to create your own house concert tour. Friends, families, and friends of friends. People who become passionate listeners.

And then, when you perform at a house concert, connect with people there and see who else might host one.

As you do so, you might find that some of those house concert host hear about you and take an interest. I’ve been contacted by a couple but the logistics have not worked out. Also, I’ve had between 20-50 people at the house concerts I’ve done and those numbers seem to be as high as what I might get at one of the regular house concert venues.

Make It Easy For Your House Concert Host

To make it easier, I created my simple guide to house concerts and my one page guide to house concerts. Potential hosts have a fear that it is complicated or a lot of work.

Honestly, cheese, crackers, chairs, sofa, or mats on the floor. That’s all you need.. and music passionate guest who want a unique and intimate music affair.

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  1. I am Bill Jennings of delands sister in law. We have the perfect place for a concert if you head this way. Also, I am a musician and after you talked to Bill yesterday, he called me today and gave me the heads up on your info. I play rhythm guitar and have a really good voice. I started a couple of years ago and now am going to the next level so hearing about you was in perfect timing. Look forward to jamming with you.

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