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Not so long ago, I wrote a book. Everyone told me it was really difficult to get published. I sent it to a publisher I thought might be interested in it. They were. The problem, I was done with the book and the were backlogged – 14 months.

So I said no and moved on.

Then I self-published it, sold it online, and soon after it was purchased by an editor at my current publisher. She liked it and they offered me a contract and an advance. I was then awarded 2 more contracts and then a children’s book.

Getting published is easy! Write something really good and position wisely in the right places.

Enter Derek Sivers

He has been tweaking me of late. I  get his intermittent blog notices. Most recently, he pointed me at some videos at AppSumo.com. In these videos, Derek covers a 45+ minute keynote of sorts. But it isn’t him on stage.. it is him kind just talking to you through the camera. It’s a little bit campy – but dammit – I loved it!

I mean, I like his wry smile – his good-natured scoffing at the over-planners and the people who talk about their idea and don’t execute. By the way, when I say, good-natured, I mean it. I can see him sort of chuckling at someone’s over-planned, under-executed business but without scorn.. More of a, “ah come on, you don’t really believe that do you.”

Mostly I like the advice because it is a reminder of what I used to act like before I let pieces of my life smash me into near oblivion and everyone I loved in the process. When I didn’t care what anyone thought and when I shot out in confidence to consult, to write, to (fill in the blank). I liked that guy!

In fact, he’s reminded me of that guy and it goes beyond our shared hairstylist.

He starts by asking you to think and then be honest about why you are doing what you do. More importantly, focus on what you are passionate about – and good at. If you are passionate about money – then go for money. If you are passionate about fame – then fame. Just do not pretend to be passionate about helping the harbor seal if you just aren’t that into harbor seals. He didn’t say that, I did. But the gist is this.. don’t do “IT” for someone else’s reason.

Other things you must remember

  • No one knows the future – everyone is guessing; be into listening mode so you can learn and change.
  • Simplicity is better than REVOLUTIONARY!
  • Version 0.1 – if you are not embarrassed by your initial launch,  you launched too late.
  • Execution!

For me, the Version 0.1 is perhaps the idea that most resonates with me. I loved how he explained it and I love that it is something I used to do.. DO!

If you aren’t on his email list, get on it. Just to go Sivers.org

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