I’m Here – a sweet love song

I'm Here - a song by Matthew Moran

No really! It is! Simple, sweet, pretty. Well.. I think so.. and some early reviewers do as well. I hope (and believe) you will as well.

The recording, as published here, is a work in progress. This means that I’m going to be overwriting the file as I add violin, backing vocals, additional guitar, and possibly some keys. The goal is keep it simple but add some color. Updates to any of the free downloadable songs will be mentioned in the newsletter, via twitter, and on Facebook. So.. join me in those places.

It’s a song that will be part of a songwriting project I started last year titled, “Conquering Athena.”

Conquering Athena

I’ll write more about this project. I haven’t really written about it; just alluded to it from time to time.

Athena is the greek godess of just war, courage, culture, and a myriad of other noble concepts.

Conquering Athena is an ode to strong women who, when provided a safe place to do so, allow themselves to be conquered; a sweet acquiescence to the privilege of their heart.

“I cannot contain you but at your command
I’ll part the rivers of heaven, take your soul in my hand.”
– from Conquering Athena – Copyright © 2013 – Matthew Moran

I’ll write more about that project soon – but for now, enjoy this song and let me know what you think.

Play the song using the player below or download the mp3 file here.

I’m Here

Copyright © 2013 – Matthew Moran

I want to kiss you in the moonlight
So cliche but so brand new
I want to feel your body tremble at my touch
And feel my body next to you

I’m not much more than simple man
With a loving heart and gentle hand
But baby if you need that… I’m here

Let me escape into your prison
Bound in sweet captivity
& find my way into your loving arms
your loving arms will set me free

Somewhere North up in Montana
A cabin lit against the chill
I swear I can hear her calling out to me
If I can get to her I will

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