Independent Music Conference recap and Team Matt grows

Matt Moran and band at the Indie Music Conference ShowcaseOver the past couple months the band has been waiting on me to get back to the studio. I took November and December off from music activities.  A few reasons.. (none of them good)

First, I got sick right at Thanksgiving and it carried through most of December. Second, I had to address some business requirements for my coaching and writing the 2nd edition to my career book.

A third reason was to assess and plan what this year is going to look like. More on this later this week.

Independent Music Conference Recap

I spoke at the Independent Music Conference organized by Noel Ramos. It took place at Musician’s Institute in Hollywood and was a great event. The second day of the conference, I attended performance and vocal coach Steven Memel’s workshop. I wrote about that here in Embrace Your Inner Rockstar.

My topic: Don’t Waste Your Time: The Ugly Truth About Social Media – can be found here as 4 videos.

That night, the band performed at the IMC showcase. (see photos below). More importantly, I expanded “Team Matt”.

The Team

I am working with Steven Memel on a few things. I am serving as a coach and mentor to him on Online Presence/Social Media. He is working with me on my vocals and performance dynamics. We are mentoring each other on some of the coaching and speaking we both do and can see the huge potential in this relationship.

I also met producer Steven Leavitt at the conference. We connected recently – he is looking for some social media and online presence ideas and guidance – both for his business and some artists he is associated with.. I am seeking a producer’s ear on our recordings.

I am interviewing some people for the role of Booking & Marketing Assistant – both for solo and band gigs.

Photos from the Independent Music Conference Showcase

Australian songwriter, Fiona Porch, attended the IMC conference and showcase. She sent me these photos from the band’s performance. Thanks Fiona.

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