Kind words and soul suckers

“without any exaggeration whatsoever, I will say that Mathew really captured the audience’s attention as well as *any* speaker we’ve had in 13 years…  I would *highly* recommend Mathew as a speaker for the Chapter meeting or any of the satellite meetings…”

That testimonial quote is from the person who booked me to speak for PMI in Pasadena (Project Management Institute) last month. That was his email introducing me to the Los Angeles Program Director… emphasis (bold and asterisks) his! From that email, I’ve been booked to two more engagements – same organization.

So why tell you this?

I’m bragging! That’s why!

Well… sort of. Certainly, I believe I give a great presentation – high-value, fun… education plus entertainment! In fact, I’ve also been booked to present more workshops at the Ventura County Community Foundation (Blogging and Social Media) and at the Camarillo Public Library’s Business Workshop Series. (Team Collaboration).

I’ve had a bad day before

I NEVER post personal challenges or conflict online. It’s unhelpful and adds no value. Everyone has rough days. Contrary to popular opinion… I’m no different. That email came during a particularly rough day! Sorry… no details to offer… but it changed the tone of my day… no… my week!

A Kind Word

The other day, my daughter and I were shopping for groceries. The cashier, a gentleman who I’ve had the pleasure of meeting before, was his typical, high-energy self.  I said, “I LOVE your attitude. When you are working I go out of my way to go through your line – even when the line is longer. I just want some of that energy!”

He thanked me and said, “Hey… there are a lot of soul-suckers out there. I don’t want to be one of those!

Take time to notice someone who has done a great job or demonstrates an amazing attitude! Thank them! And, then, be that person! Don’t be a soul-sucker!

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