Love You Bold – song, video, and the pup

Songwriting Notes: keeping it simple

A have some wordy songs. Don’t get me wrong.. I like words (and words like me – as LA poet Jeffrey Martin says) But there are times simple is nice… and simple.

I wrote this song a few years ago. A rock/country cross-over tune with a simple riff and message. And the moment I wrote it, I LOVED IT! Earlier in the year, I was working with a vocal coach, Ross Chitwood – The Voice Box LA, and we were using this song. At one point, Ross said it was nice to work on a song that was fun to listen to.

So.. two votes for “fun to listen to” – hope I can add yours to that.

Oh.. and my dog, Beaux, makes a brief appearance but lends no support to the vocals on the song. You can watch the video below or go directly to YouTube and watch it there. While there, consider subscribing to my channel!

Thanks, Matt

Copyright © 2011 – Matthew Moran


Copyright © 2011 – Matthew Moran

Baby you know I don’t have much money
Don’t got no house on a hill
But I got something you’ve been needing
And if you need me to remind you I will

I’ve got arms to hold you tight
I’ve got lips for kissing you at night
I’ve got all this attention and affections untold
Gonna love you strong, gonna love you bold
Gonna love you strong, gonna love you bold

Girl I see you smiling & thinking
You’ve got something on your mind
I hope I’m part of the reason
Cuz’ baby you’re the only reason I find

– – –

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  1. i studied music business in 2001, at a gterat college, was mentored by a grret teacher….hope you are sucessfull in your venture. Michi

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