Manifesto, Mantra, & Mandates for 2017

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I’m not big on New Year’s Resolutions. I’ve beaten this subject to death, so. If interested, you can read my take here.

I do, however, believe in setting goals, establishing plans, and working for outcomes. And I think the New Year provides a good enough jumping off point for enacting some of those plans. In part, because we come through a period of time – the Holidays – that, at once, both allow a little decompression and exacerbate stress.

It seems from Halloween on, there is a mad rush of activity that slows the focus on business and life goals. It’s good but most of us, by the end of it, are jonesing for a return to “normalcy”.

So, I decided to write a short manifesto and identify some of what I plan to do in 2017. Some of these goals are specific. Some are more philosophical. I will also provide some insight into the why’s and how’s of the what’s.

A note about change and new beginnings

Those I’ve been speaking to directly, mentors, peers, etc. will recognize most of this a continuation of changes and attitudes I started this last year and earlier. You see, true to my attitude about resolutions, new beginnings and dramatic changes are rare. People rarely change overnight. We change slowly, dragging our feet, kicking and screaming like the stubborn and petulant children that we are.

Okay.. maybe that’s just me… and if that’s the case, your problem is likely lying to yourself. 😉 It’s cool! We all have our issues.

The Manifesto: Creator First

I was talking the “The Punk” – my youngest child – last night while returning from the store. She asked, “Hi Dad.. so how are you? What are you thinking about these days?”

She’s been doing that a lot lately.. asking me what I’m thinking about. She is experiencing a change personally and seeing an antsy-ness in me as well.

My answer to her is my manifesto.

“I am going to spend more time creating than watching and talking about those who are creating.”

I think it was the “Note to Self Podcast” – but, I heard someone say that social media has become more, “look at me and my life” versus, “look at what I’ve created.”

I’m not sure though. I think that has often been the case.. but, social media just showcases it more. The reality TV focus is the spectacle of life, rather than creating and adding to the world (let alone your own life).

I want to be about the business of creating.

My Mantra

Be Proactive! Be Positive! Add Value! Share Opportunity!

The same as it has been for a few years. I’ll write more about what that means to me later.. or not… we’ll see.


These are the plans and controls I need to enact or better enact to achieve my goals.

So.. let’s outline a few specific goals, a few notions, and then I’ll address the controls. I could categorize them under professional, personal, relationship, community, creative, etc. But.. you know what, they all sort of blend and bleed into each others.

Pulse Infomatics – software and tech

Continue to focus on and grow my consulting. This means, add to the team and continue to narrow my focus. Software, Custom Quickbooks Integration, and Virtual-CIO consultancy. I have a piece of software (an app) I’ve dabbled with and discussed for a few years. It’s time get something into the market.

Building Your IT Consulting Business (name may change)

This is a video series of owe my editor from years ago. I have tons of notes and the series outlined. I need to work on/complete the script.

Notes to my Daughter (name may changes)

I’ve published a few of my notes to my daughter. I like writing notes and the notes to “the punk” formerly known as “the girl” were sometimes funny and sometimes serious… I’ve been told they are worth sharing and I agree.

This project should be fun.. I wrote some life advice, weird advice, and a few quirky views on living.

Perhaps, one day I’ll write about a series of notes I wrote to a young lady. She would NOT go on a date with me. But said she liked the notes and said she felt like she was in high school. *sigh*.

Arrogant Sage Music

Arrogant Sage – that’s my band’s name and my label. It’s new.. sort of. I’ll write about the how/why of name. But, suffice to say, there are some opportunities I’ve let languish here.

Relationship and Community

I’m an extrovert.. but that does not mean I like to be around people. I’m comfortable around people but love doing solo or very small group things. So I avoid getting together with others much of the time. Thank you to those who have pushed and gotten me out. You are heroes because I would rather grab my guitar and write a new song most of the time. But I always enjoy the get-togethers.

More of this for 2017 for sure.


I know.. a lot of you don’t see my need to improve this. (cuz I’m such a stud, right?). Nah.. I want to be healthier  and raise my fitness. Suffice to say, my diet and exercise plan can be summarized as, “Eat Less. Move More.” – and there you go.

Controls to Achieve Goals

Much of getting things done is about what you don’t do.. what you control.. predetermined outcomes… your calendar as a benevolent dictator (It knows what is good for you).

Here are some of my controls or disciplines to help me achieve the above.

Logoff to create

I haven’t removed Facebook from my phone – but I am logged out. I will login for specific live streaming or a specific communication but I don’t need updates during the day. Focus begets creation… and interruptions are twice as disruptive as the time they take. Meaning, a 15 minute interruption takes 30 minutes (or more) from your focus. You need to get back into the zone.

Control my calendar

My calendar will only tell me what to do if I tell it what to tell me. That means really tighten up my weekly plan and my daily review.

Avoid overthinking by producing

I’ve written about this before; action beats analysis. This is true with business, music and other creative pursuits, and in relationship and community. I’m routinely guilty of over-thinking. 30 minutes of over-thinking could have instead produced 500 to 1000 words of a script.. or a cleaner / better outline for some software. Or a long-overdue phone call.

I have this strange thing I started doing last year. Before I walk into any restaurant, I decide whether I’m having something I’ve had before or something brand new. Then, once seated, I give myself 60 seconds to decide. My promise to myself is to NEVER break this rule.

My goal with over-thinking in other areas is similar. Navel gazing is over-rated.. producing something isn’t. You can alter, edit, adjust something you’ve created. It’s much harder to adjust a bunch of thoughts that live in the ether.

Why tell you

I’m not accountable to you. I’m accountable to me. I have some mentors and peers who I will stay accountable to. I’m telling you to let you in on how I think about such things. You may apply as you see fit… or not.

I also tell you to make you giddy with excitement at what I will put out this year. You are giddy, right? Everyone should be giddy every once in awhile.

And with that, let’s have some fun in 2017. Giddy up!

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