March newsletter and new music

The latest newsletter was sent today. Click the image to the right to get view it.
In it I discuss my current focus – which has not been lining up gigs but putting a band together and the sundries of life.

I also showcase a new song, “Running”. See below.

As explained in the newsletter, Running, was inspired by The Zac Brown Band’s song, Highway 20 Ride – about a divorced father visiting his son (child).

I recorded in on my PC camera yesterday for Youtube. Enjoy!

Copyright (c) 2010 – Matthew Moran

I pick her up early Friday morning
Begging for a little extra time
I’m battling the guilt, time and the schedule
And praying about the impact on her life
She’s pays for my mistakes with smile
And she pays me back with tender-lovin’ grace
Not what she deserves, not what she asked for
My selfish tears fall as I drive away

Sometimes I feel I’m running in circles
Sometimes I feel I’m just running down the line
But when this life and living leaves me longing for more
I know that I’m just running out of time

Once upon a time I played the hero
Once upon a time I lost my way
And once upon a time I was so certain
Now I’m certain I know so much less today
I can’t redeem those calendars discarded
I can’t pull back the time that’s passed me by
And memories are sweet but their just memories
It’s making them that makes us come to life

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